Resilience, Compassion and Connection: Leading through Outbreak

Dr. Peter Dominick is a teaching professor at the School of Business at Stevens.

What does it mean for an employee at a grocery store, who’s working extended hours amid panicked customers, to hear her boss get on the loudspeaker and thank the team for all the work they’re doing? Authentic leadership is felt most in times of crisis, when effective managers are able to reassure and motivate their charges in support of the mission. This talk offers specific guidance for leaders on how to tap into resilience and compassion to elevate efficacy, purpose and connection — in others and in ourselves.

About the speaker

Dr. Peter Dominick is the academic coordinator of Stevens’ graduate management programs. His teaching, research and consulting focuses on leader and leadership development. He has published extensively and has developed and delivered numerous leadership development programs especially targeted toward technical professionals, including projects funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, ExxonMobil, NASA, BAE and IBM.